Choosing to enter therapy is a brave step. Asking for help isn’t always easy, and many decide to suffer in silence rather than open up to a stranger. But no one should have to face life’s challenges alone.

I can provide a safe and supportive place in which you can explore how to use your own strengths to manage difficult issues in your life.¬†My style is warm, compassionate, and authentic, offering supportive, non-judgmental feedback. I offer tools and strategies to approach life differently, reducing the need for long term counseling. If prior experiences are getting in the way, we explore them in the context of moving forward rather than living in the past. ¬†Attention is placed on abilities rather than flaws or deficits. I believe you are the expert of your life with your own unique strengths, values, and resources to effectively cope, improve and grow. We’ll work together to address whatever difficulties you are facing at a pace that is best for you in achieving your goals.